Pet Care and Safety Classes

Online Pet Care Classes during Covid 19.

Class Descriptions

  • "I Speak Doggie" is a dog bite prevention curriculum for preschoolers developed by The Family Dog. The class is based on a music video that teaches kids a song about how to interact safely with dogs. I can bring a real dog (small) or I can use a stuffed dog for demonstrations. The kids learn about and practice the best ways to approach and pet a dog. Depending on the size, age and temperament of the group, the class can last 20 - 40 minutes. Each child gets a pet care coloring book and a certificate stating that they have learned how to 'Speak Doggie.'

  • "Be A Tree" is a dog bite prevention curriculum for elementary aged children developed by Doggone Safe. I am a licensed presenter of their curriculum. This class goes into more depth about canine body language so that kids can use all their senses to assess whether a dog is safe to approach. This class not only teaches them how to interact with dogs they know, but also what to do if they see a stray dog. The kids practice what to do in a fun and interactive way. This class is 45 minutes - 1 hour depending on class size. Each child gets a dog safety coloring book and a certificate.

  • "I Love Dogs" is a class I developed that combines instruction on different kinds of dogs, dog care, communication and safety. This class also utilizes hands on practice with things like how to walk a dog, groom a dog, give a dog a treat. I can bring a real dog (small) or use a stuffed dog. This class can be customized to any age group. Each child gets a certificate and a coloring book.

  • "Dog + Baby" is a class for new and expectant parents who have a dog. It helps them prepare the dog, the home and themselves for when the new baby comes home. It also teaches them techniques for how to manage both the dog and the baby so that both are getting their needs met and everyone stays safe. This class is based on the teaching methods of Family Paws. The parents receive a folder full of educational handouts and resources.

  • "Dogs + Kids" is a class for dog owners whose dog interacts with kids. This could be their kids, their relative's kids, the neighbor kids .... They will learn how to read canine body language, when and how to let kids interact with their dog, how to talk to parents about these interactions, all in an effort to keep dog and kid interactions safe and pleasurable for everyone. Participants receive a folder full of educational handouts and resources.

  • "Welcome Home Your New Dog" will help you get started on the right foot with your new dog. It is always easier to start off right than to have to go back and change problematic behaviors. We will discuss supplies, nutrition, potty training, crate training, behavior management techniques, and how to find good pet care professionals.


I can accommodate a class at just about any time of day or day of the week. If you are offering your class free of charge, providing the audience and handling registrations, then I charge a flat fee of $50 per class. If there is a fee for the class and we will be working together on marketing, registrations and/or other advance work, then we will do a split of registration fees. To schedule a class for your group, contact Alicia Obando at 773-430-2812 or